The small town of A, in the western point of the Lofoten Islands in a panoramic shot with a frozen lake and a dramatic sky.

I love Landscape Photography

I love to do Landscape photography! I don’t know exactly why, but instead of posing people, animals, wildlife, flowers, I prefer to sit in front of a huge panorama and wait for the right moment, the right day, the right light in the right season.

Then, even if in my portfolio there is a bit of everything,  what I like the most are landscapes, the emotion that gives me to shot and freeze a unique moment in time, or a unique light event, is not comparable to anything.

That’s why my equipment is build mainly with huge resolution cameras and wide-angle lenses, my total satisfaction is to print and show to my friends and followers the dreamy places I sometimes visit.

Once printed they are huge, large as a house and detailed as a small photo. The only limit I have is to show them on the web, here, or on my Instagram, it is impossible to post them in the full resolution. The only way to obtain the maximum effectiveness, is to print them on a large surface, and then spend a lot of time in searching all small details they got.

In this one for example, in its full-resolution version (more than 20000px on longest side) it is possible to count every single home, or see the stockfish hung to get dry.

If you are curious and want to see some more of my works, even in a low resolution, just check the gallery I’ve made of shots made with Irix Lenses only, and let me know what do you think!

And don’t forget that I can provide prints of all of them, just contact me here for a personalized quote.


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